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Paper Cup Machine, Paper Roll to Roll Flexo Printing Machines, Paper Slitter Rewinder, Heavy & Special Type Paper Bag Forming Machines, Junior Model Paper Bag Forming machine


The Promoter Lion.Dr. N.S.Kumar gained practical experience from user point to dealership, later as manufacturer and now as exporter. His vast experience counts from 1971 as a user of Print Pack machinery's and from 1978 onwards he was the dealer of all type of machinery's and finally as manufacturer and exporter, since 1985 and 1990 respectively. His 40 years of practical experience is the hallmark of his success and backbone to his developments.

Dr.ALFRESO SPERCI LEE; Head, World Bank Lebanan, confirming the Doctor of Literature on Ln.N.S.Kumar MJF, Chairman YENYESKEY GROUP at Colombo on 30-11-2004 issued by Medicine Alternative Institute affiliated with The Open International University for Complementary Medicines

His rich experience gained as a user of the machinery initially , helps him to guide his customers in the right direction by providing the right suggestions and imparting proper information and also by proper involvement which are all highly praiseworthy. He inculcates the right spirit and motivations to his valuable customers.

YENYESKEY Machines has the following features

  • Quality
  • Trouble Free Production
  • Long life and Maintenance free Nature
We Provide you the following facilities
  • Machinery Erection and Commission
  • Trail Running
  • In Plant Production Training

YENYESKEY Machine Tools have been
awarded with BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000
certification by Chamber Certification Assessment
Services Ltd - UKAS Quality management

CE mark certificate received from Hon'ble Minister for Rural Industries Mr. Pongalur N Palanisamy,

DR. N.S. KUMAR, Chairman, YENYESKEY Group of Companies presenting memento to Shri. B. Mahapatra, Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India, on his visit to Canara Bank, Saibaba Colony Branch, next to him Mr. U. Ramesh Kumar, General Manager, Canara Bank.